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Why we love The McLane School 



We chose The McLane School because Andy cares about each and every student that walks through the door. He’s a fair task master and delights in all his students achievements whether they’re beginner or champion level dancers!


The McLane School has been such a great change for my dancer. She really thrives with Andy’s support. His instruction is clear, and his teaching style is a positive for everyone, no matter their age, skill level, or needs. Andy carefully choregraphs the steps for each level and age group.


My daughter’s steps are a perfect fit: creative and challenging, but not unattainable. Andy truly cares about each dancer and his focus isn’t just on medals and dance steps. I highly recommend Andy and The McLane School. Come dance with us!


I love dancing at The McLane School! Andy is great to work with and makes class productive and fun at the same time!  I’ve worked with Andy for years, and he has taught me more than just dancing.


He has taught me to have character, dedication, and kindness, along with all of the life lessons I’ve learned along the way! The McLane school isn’t just dance, it’s a second family to me!


We chose the McLane School because Andy really goes the extra mile with his dancers.  His enthusiasm for teaching and desire to help dancers flourish  far exceeds any other teacher I’ve encountered.  


Andy has a proven track record for creating  successful dancers throughout his career.  Not only do I feel my dancer is getting the very best instruction, we truly love the family atmosphere at McLane.  The dancers work hard, but play hard. They really love to be together and have fun both inside and outside the dance studio!


For me, choosing a studio not only centered on the school, but about my happiness and love for dance. I have been taught by Andy McLane for about a decade and have loved every bit. Andy is a kind person, who understands the hardships of life that can be physically and mentally challenging for his dancers. From the very beginning, he has always been motivated by the passion of seeing us reach our goals, and creating choreography that works with each dancer’s style and capability. One of the reasons I am determined to reach my goals as a dancer is because of him, for he has never given up on me nor other dancers even if we have given up on ourselves. 


The environment he has shaped is more than just dancing with other dancers. The people I am with are not only my friends, but they are also my brothers and sisters. As cliché as that may sound, it is absolutely true! They have been my number one supporters ever since I started, and I  have been theirs. We’ve seen each other cry during competitions, and helped each other over our own hurdles. During celebrations, you can see dancers with one another at a lengthy table that has been formed from other tables or a pool filled with people trying to catch an inflatable beach ball. Everyone includes one another as we play games and dance! Being with this group makes my heart swell with delight as we grow together and continue to find reasons on why we love dancing!


Andy's genuine passion and excitement for teaching is palpable (and contagious!) in every class. He provides the same level of dedication and support to all of his students - from new beginners to decorated champs - and always pushes us to be just a little bit better than we were the class before.


I can genuinely say that after 15 years of dancing, I'm still so excited to come to class each week and dance for one of the best teachers (and friends) I've ever had.



We love being a part of the McLane school! We are more than a school - we are a family!


It’s inspiring to see the students support each other’s goals -  cheering and encouraging along the way.  And it doesn’t stop there!  The parents look after each other’s kids with the same support and encouragement!  It’s amazing! 


We are thankful for McLane and for Andy!

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Andy's dedication to each and every student, no matter what age or experience, is apparent as he makes time to give constructive instructions, guidance and help to everyone during every class.

His ability and willingness to meet virtually on an individual basis with our college crowd and remote individuals embodies his passion for dance and the success of each student, and the dancers are able to continue their dancing with a school they trust and can work with whenever they are home on college breaks.

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